Get information on delivery schedules and shipping charges.

Delivery Charges

Your delivery charges will be displayed during the checkout process.

Order ValueShipping ChargesCash on Delivery Charge
Below Rs. 499Rs. 29Rs. 29
Rs. 499 – 998Rs. 19Rs. 29
Rs. 999 & aboveRs. 0Rs. 29

Popular Questions

Get answers to our most frequently asked questions.

I placed an order today. When can I expect my shipment?

Your delivery schedule will depend on the product and the time that you placed your order. Go to the Orders section under My Account or click on the order number in your Order Confirmation email to check on the status of your delivery.

What if I miss a delivery?

If you are unavailable when our courier partner arrives with your delivery, they will make two more delivery attempts. If you’re still unavailable after the third attempt, your order will be returned to us. Call us on 7996056466 within one working day of the third attempt and we’ll schedule another delivery date and time that suits you better.

Will I be charged for delivery?

Delivery is free on orders of Rs. 999 and above. If you’ve opted for Cash on Delivery, you’ll have to pay an additional charge of Rs. 29 on your order.

Your delivery charges will be displayed during the checkout process.

How do I track my order via My Account?

To track your order, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign in to your Fashion ITC account.
  2. Click ‘My Account’..
  3. Select ‘ My Order’.
  4. In the orders page, select ‘View Details’ for the order number you wish to track.
  5. Click on ‘ Tracking My Order #’

Returns should be easy.

We couldn’t agree more.

Let’s show you how to return your products in three easy ways.

There are some products we don’t take back. Check out our Returns Policy for more details.

1. Request a return online

2. Call us to schedule a pick-up